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04. December 2006

Clarity Software connects home offices with firm sites

The Clarity Communication Center offers optimal networking from home offices with firm sites / Using the Remote Office PC tool, staff members can log themselves in the Clarity Communication Center mak...More

27. November 2006

Study: IP-Based Telephony Solutions may soon be expected to override the Classical Telecommunication Structure

Arthur D. Little’s market study predicts the expansion of IP-based telephony solutions whilst substituting the classical telephone private branch exchange / Study indicates problems on the transition ...More

06. November 2006

Clarity Business Edition – A professional and cheap Telecommunication System for Firms

The Clarity Business Edition is available in four package sizes of 24, 48, 96 and above 96 users / Appealing leasing conditions: Firms can have a modern communication solution at the mere cost of 24...More

19. October 2006

Clarity’s new Software facilitating global Telephone Campaigns

Clarity’s Predictive Dialer can now be configured for telephone campaigns that spread across different time zones / Graphical user interface shows call centre agents the caller’s local timeMore

05. October 2006

Clarity offers a new Version of the Clarity Communication Center

The new release 2.70 of the Clarity Communication Center brings improvements in many modules such as the Predictive Dialer / New Dialer functions enable time zone management on outbound campaigns / Si...More

21. September 2006

Clarity AG and BRAVIS GmbH seal Partnership

BRAVIS GmbH offers collaborative solutions for the internet through its software / Clarity aids BRAVIS in the development of the BRAVIS videoconference technology / Future use of the BRAVIS videoconfe...More

29. August 2006

Business Telephony: Corporations gain from Call Center Functions

Clarity offers modern Call Center Functions such as automatic call transfers for business telephony / Firms achieve cost savings and enhanced customer communicationMore