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05. October 2010

Positive interim results of the Clarity customer survey

Clarity AG is committed to improving its products and services on an ongoing basis while addressing the specific requirements of its customers. In order to find out just how well our efforts are being...More

16. September 2010

Clarity founds association for supporting gifted persons

“Do highly gifted children really need extra support, doesn’t everything simply fall into their laps anyway?” A question that many qualified pedagogues pose – but they are mistaken. Gifted children ar...More

05. August 2010

Voice authentication: innovative security solutions for ATMs

Forget finger and iris scans. And forget the fact that you could lose your password. Clarity is now offering an intelligent identification system for banks, which enables customers to identify themsel...More

05. July 2010

Coming Soon: relaunch of “Clarity Statistics“

The Clarity developers have given the old Clarity statistics tool a complete overhaul. Thanks to the new “Clarity Statistics” tool, in and outbound campaigns can now be analyzed with a greater degree ...More

22. June 2010

The Clarity TC systems now have a 64-bit architecture

All Clarity TC systems are now based on a 64-bit architecture. Clarity is therefore following the trend towards 64-bit systems, which are being utilized on an increasing basis for Windows servers. The...More

07. June 2010

Integrated softphone Lower investment, work and resource requirements

The new Business Client includes an integrated softphone, which means users can now communicate without the need for a desktop phone or additional softphone. In addition to lower investments, the admi...More

24. May 2010

A presence function and controlling tool

Up until now, only those persons who were using the Clarity Business Client were able to view important employee presence information on their screens. Due to numerous suggestions from customers, Clar...More