Nachhaltig in die Zukunft
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Vision and Mission

Our mission is to transform the spoken word into a universal and ever-present interface for digital service. Voice commands will shorten the navigation via selected menus. Access equipment will develop into wireless buttons on the ear, which will be worn just as readily as watches, tie clips, and glasses. Mobile telephones will continue to have a display. However, they will remain, for the most part, in the inside pocket of your sports coat as they will be completely controlled by voice and headset. You will only have to take your cell phone in your hand in order to look at photos or graphics which you will have downloaded per voice command or if you change your sports coat.


Voice services will be as flexible as the internet, as easy as the telephone, and as natural as a chat over the garden fence. Voice portals will become a part of your daily routine, so personal, so unobtrusive, and as indispensible as a calendar. Clarity is committed to the development of natural language and multi-modal voice systems in order to animate the economy by better service as well as by lower costs and see these visions realized.

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