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What does Clarity produce?

Clarity offers comfort telephony, telephony extension, and telephony automation on an integrated software platform - from Telephony systems to speech dialog systems. Speech dialog systems are the applications which can communicate over the telephone with a user in natural language. Examples of useful applications are automatic call transfer, traffic jam information, flight reservation or lottery games.

Clarity Communication Center

The Clarity Communication Center provides the whole telephone infrastructure for a call center or a Telephony system on a single software-based platform with following functionality: Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Call logging, Unified Messaging Systems (UMS), Touchtone-Navigation (DTMF), and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and VoiceXML-Platform. The platform makes sure that all the components of a speech dialog system work together smoothly - Speech recognition, Speech synthesis, speaker recognition and backend system. It is the basis for voice applications for the Contact Manager or industry solutions.  

Clarity Contact Manager

The Clarity Contact Manager is an automatic telephony system. A caller names the desired party, and the Contact Manager connects the caller with the party.

Industry solutions

Clarity has provided modules for branches such as Telecommunications, Banking, Automotive, Entertainment and Travel; these modules provide fast individual solutions.


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