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 Why Clarity?

Clarity is the only provider offering everything from the telephony system  to dialog system  on an integrated software platform. Therefore, we can offer you exactly the service that suits your needs.

And what's in it for me?

All Clarity products have two goals:

  • to improve your company's telephone customer service, and
  • to save money.

In order to achieve these goals,  there are a variety of solutions that could make sense for you. In some cases it could be to distribute the call better with an ACD system. In other cases a sophisticated speech dialog system to completely automate certain services may be what you need. Because we are competent in both worlds of telephony and speech technology, we know exactly which solution is best for you. We won't sell you a complicated project if simple software is all you need.  Nor will we leave you standing out in the cold when you really need a high-end solution.

Table: Set of Clarity's competences

Clarity products are...

  • scalable, from two to more than a thousand channels
  • applicable along the entire value chain from telephony to voice portal
  • quickly and economically extendable
  • software-based, thereby offering an economic total cost of ownership
  • open for existing telephony and back-end systems
  • unified (one stop source for telephony, NLU-platform, application and integration)
  • future-proof via standardized interfaces

Clarity is...

  • as a general business, your contract partner who is solely responsible for running solutions
  • competence leader in the industry represented in the Voice Application Standard Committees VASCom e as well as host of the European Research Center for Voice Commerce
  • recognized for our outstanding business performance several times over
  • according to creditreform a company of high credit rating
  • also your partner for finance models

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