Clarity-AG: Inteligence Voice Portal Technology


Christoph Pfeiffer

Christoph Pfeiffer - CEO Clarity AG

CEO and founder of Clarity AG, has been responsible for building up the company from its inception onwards. During this time the Clarity Communication Center was built with an investment of more than 30M Euros. This has led to hundreds of customer projects in more than ten countries around the world whereof several dozens have been conducted in Forbes-2000-companies. Before heading Clarity AG he successfully led media[netCom] AG to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as Chief Financial Officer in July 2000. Previous to that he managed complex software projects in Hong Kong, the USA, and various European countries for Ernst & Young Management Consultants. Pfeiffer holds a diploma in business management with the main subject “data-processing”. The Economic Forum Germany awarded Pfeiffer the "National Leadership Award". He was also honored with the "Innovativer Mittelstand" award by the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken as well as from “Entrepreneur of the Year” sponsored by Ernst & Young. Since 2005 his assessments of the world economic trends are published regularly in “Prognosis of the 100” released by the Societaets- respectively Dielmann-Verlag.