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Clarity Business Edition

Professional Communication for Your Business

The Clarity Business Edition is the professional telecommunication system for the automation and the management of all telephonic business processes.

Our system combines the telephone and the computer into an efficient platform which is suited for large enterprises as well as medium-sized and small enterprises – with a positive effect on service, competitiveness, cost reduction and business success.

The Advantages of the Clarity Business Edition:

  • Quickly operational: The Clarity Business Edition can be implemented as an extension of your existing telephone system in no time at all. All known telephony standards are supported – analogue telephony, ISDN and Voice over IP.
  • Optimal network: With Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Conferencing, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Unified Messaging Service (UMS) and extensive PBX functions business processes can be automated, including company sites, extensions, mobile phones and home offices. Thus, waiting loops are avoided; the workload of the switchboard is reduced.
  • Unlimited availability: Whether you are working at a customer, while traveling, at home or in the office, via the follow-me function you are available everywhere and you are also able to log in from several places with the number of your extension line.
  • Great latitude: Outgoing calls can be made either by the Outlook client or by your desk telephone or a headset.
  • Favorable price: Already at a monthly amount of Euro 249, companies get a professional TC system. (The example calculation refers to a system with 24 seats and a leasing term of 72 months).

Case Study of Clarity Business Edition Project:Case study border concepts GmbH

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