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Clarity Call Center Edition

Speech Communication for Professionals

The Clarity Call Center Edition offers everything that call centers need for the in- and outbound telephony. The platform offers the complete telephony infrastructure – from the incoming line to the working place of the agent – in one single software-based solution. This includes a modern, efficient interphone system as well as modules for the integration of telephony and IT, for an Automatic Call Distribution, Unified Messaging and more.

The platform can be supervised centrally and can be managed very easily; also home offices can be linked to it without difficulty. This is why, apart from professional call centers, many other companies and organizations are using the Clarity solutions – financial service providers as well as emergency control centers. All of them use the Clarity Call Center Edition to handle their speech communication cost efficiently: at the switchboard, hotline, helpdesk and competence center or also in new subsidiaries.

The Advantages of the Clarity Call Center Edition:

  • Less effort for implementation and maintenance by a standard, integrated platform for the speech communication
  • Minimum training time of your users, due to the familiar and intuitively usable Windows user surface
  • High flexibility at reduced costs by functional extensions via software
  • Highest scalability (with up to several thousand canals) thanks to the multi server ability
  • No single point of failure and the possibility of maintenance during operation, as the platform is designed redundantly
  • Reduced total cost of ownership by standard hard- and software and remote maintenance functions
  • Future safety and protection of investment due to the principle of the "open standard"