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As a reader of our newsletter, you more than likely associate the word “Important!” with certain terms or names. And CallCenter World probably receives two exclamation marks at the moment, because Europe’s largest get-together for the call center sector will be taking place once again from February 27 to March 1, and you shouldn’t miss it. It goes without saying that Clarity will be there to present its latest technologies, such as the innovative fusion of our Clarity Communication Center with the mobile phone.
We’ll be presenting this and much more at our stand G10 in hall 4. By the way, you have one last chance to obtain some free tickets for the trade fair. See below for details!
Here’s an overview of this month’s topics.

We wish you a pleasant reading experience!

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Free tickets for CallCenter World and news from Clarity

We’ve already started packing for the CallCenter World, and will be taking our new mobile applications with us, which enable field staff or home office works to be integrated into the Clarity Communication Center.

Two different options will be available during the initial phase:

a.) Incoming calls to an office extension number can be forward to the mobile phone by the Clarity Mobile Server. But that’s not all, as outgoing calls from the mobile phone can also be handled by the system via call-back and call-through functions – and the office extension number is also transmitted during such calls.

b.) Standard SIP clients, such as those available via the Apple AppStore, the Android market or the MS Mobile App Store, can be integrated simply into the Clarity Communication Center via their internal interfaces. This means a smartphone can be integrated into the TC system as a normal extension using a WLAN or UMTS connection. The actual Clarity Mobile Client will be available sometime during the second half of 2012. This client combines the functions of the Clarity Mobile Server and the standard SIP client and provides a host of services, such as presence information, call forwarding information from colleagues, history data, conference options, call waiting, statistics functions and lots more. The solution is being developed on the basis of Android, iOS and MS Windows Mobile.

We’ll be taking all of this and lots more with us to the CallCenter World. What we won’t be taking with us, however, are our free tickets for the trade fair. This is the last chance to obtain yours, so make sure you click the contact link below. Moreover we will raffle in Berlin 10 fully equipped telephony workplaces. A visit at our stand is very worthwhile!

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We would like to introduce Alexander, 11 years old, application developer with university education

No, we’re not talking about child labor. We’re talking about the eleven year old Alexander Nieburg, who achieved an IQ of more than 130 in all areas of the gifted individual test. In the area of “Hypothetical Assumption and Analysis” his IQ was even higher than the threshold value of 160. Only around 2% of the population has an IQ of more than 130, and only 0.1% has one that exceeds 155.
Giftedness can, however, be a problem. If it remains undetected, it can become a burden for the person in question: they don’t appear to be “normal”, and are often ostracized. They also frequently display behavioral disorders in school because they are not challenged enough and find everything too easy.
It is therefore important that such giftedness is identified and supported at home and in the school or elsewhere.
Alexander’s parents recognized these abilities and his father, who holds a doctorate in psychology, came into contact with Human Brain e. V. thanks to a Clarity newsletter. The objective of Human Brain is to help highly gifted children realize and exploit their full potential while providing parents with an appropriate point of contact. The vision: provide gifted persons and their families with a network of contacts, in order to cultivate their intellectual potential and enable it to be used. The initiator and founding member of Human Brain is Clarity AG, whose CEO Christoph Pfeiffer is also personally involved in supporting the needs of the association.

Thanks to Human Brain, Alexander came into contact with the Paluno Institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen, where he received individual tuition in the area of application programming over a period of two semesters. During this period he began developing an application for the “Große Karnevalsgesellschaft Düsseldorf 1890 e. V”, a carnival society from Düsseldorf. After that he went to “Appseleration”, a center of expertise for applications in Düsseldorf, which is now providing him with further support. He intends on finishing his carnival application there, which he will then donate to the association.

Alexander represents a perfect example of the work carried out by Human Brain, which is a 100% voluntary organization. Those who wish to find out if they are intellectually gifted can complete a test with “MinD” (Mensa in Deutschland):
Have fun!

* Human Brain

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Cloud Communications – the future of telecommunication

The telecommunications market in Germany is currently characterized by a significant amount of dynamism. Customer demands are rising continuously and ITC infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex. This, in turn, means providers need to prove what they are capable of. One clear trend is the desire for holistic solutions. Clarity and Versatel focused significantly on this requirement in 2011 and repositioned themselves in the market, above all in the area of partnerships, in order to be able to provide business customers with managed services while supporting dedicated network services as optimally as possible.

Managed services and cloud services, in particular, offer enormous potential growth. What’s more, providers are provided with new possibilities for distinguishing themselves from the former monopolist, Deutsche Telekom, by offering service portfolios that are more customer-oriented.

However, a dynamic market can only remain in motion if certain basic conditions are in place. And here in Germany we are far from reaching the position that we are capable of attaining. For this reason, Versatel has been demanding more stringent regulations for some time now, in order to promote healthy competition and provider individuality, both of which are important for customers and the economy. Because without such regulation, the sector will continue to be controlled and dictated by certain top players – and alternative providers will be left empty handed.

Are any trends visible at the moment? According to Gartner, the cloud computing hype has reached its zenith, and Internet TV is close behind. Telepresence is experiencing a depression and consumer generated media is becoming productive. It’s all about bandwidth requirements at the moment; each topic requires specifically defined transmission quality and managed networks, and this, in turn, means the prospects for our sector are good.

Versatel AG is one of the leading telecommunication solution providers within the German market. With a length of more than 45,000 kilometers, Versatel operates Germany’s second largest regional fiber optic network. Clarity and Versatel offer joint cloud solutions, which have been designed in line with their specific customer requirements.

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Due to great demand, we’re giving away another three copies of the book “Unter Tigern"

Christian Walliser’s book “Unter Tigern – Ein Leben mit Biss” generated a great deal of interest. We had three copies to give away in our December competition, dozens of copies would have been better, however.

We have therefore decided to repeat this competition. Those who wish to secure their own copy of this dramatic autobiography, and read about Germany’s youngest wild animal trainer, who was attacked and seriously injured by his own tigers, but who managed to fully recuperate and get back on tour with these very same animals, now have another chance to win one of three copies.

Simply send an e-mail with the subject “Tiger” to and you will be entered into the prize draw. Entry deadline is February 29, 2012. The judge’s decision is final. Good luck!

* Unter Tigern
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