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Many of you are still sorting and reviewing your impressions of the CallCenter World in Berlin. A short summary of the things that we experienced at the trade show can be found below.
We also want to provide you with a brief overview of the latest version of the Clarity Communication Center: Release 3.5 includes the new Clarity Contact Manager, which has now been fully integrated into the Clarity Communication Center. The result: Everything will become easier. And more efficient. And more convenient. Simply read on to find out more.
Here’s an overview of this month’s topics.

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What we took home with us from the CallCenter World

It was a record-breaking trade show: More than 250 national and international companies presented themselves and their products over an area of 8000 square meters, thereby confirming CallCenter World’s position as the main European event for this sector. A new feature of the trade show was the “Newcomer Boulevard”, which numerous start-ups and newcomers to the sector used to highlight themselves.

In our opinion, the areas of service optimization, cost efficiency and convenience generated the most interest this year. Many trade visitors asked themselves (and of course us) what is actually possible within the Customer Care area at the moment, and also which options are the most suitable for their specific requirements.

Our answer: Intelligent, individually customizable and scalable telecommunication solutions for business telephony, options for improving performance and service optimization in Call Centers, and the ability to evaluate in and outbound campaigns.

The Clarity Mobile Server, which was announced prior to the trade show, scored well thanks to its integration options for mobile phones and SIP clients, which allow smartphones to be turned into fully integrated TC extensions. All of this relates to one key subject, which we are always thinking about in everything we do: “unified communications”. The fact that Clarity now only requires a single platform to realize this, namely the Communication Center, amazed many visitors. And it was because of this that many visitors had the same thought: I want one! They therefore used the opportunity, and also their business cards, to take part in our competition to win a fully functional software solution with 10 workstation licenses.
CallCenter World 2012 was a great success for us, as we experienced a lot of great reactions to our products and enjoyed numerous interesting and in-depth talks with visitors, in addition to collecting a whole batch of business cards in relation to our competition. We will be announcing and notifying the lucky winner of our competition soon, so good luck all participants!

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1 + 1 = 1: The Clarity Communication Center and the Clarity Contact Manager are being merged to form a single, homogeneous product

“Simply user-friendly” – that’s the result of release 3.5 of the Clarity Communication Center, which is due to be released in June of this year.

This simplicity is clearly apparent thanks to the integration of the new Clarity Contact Manager, our software-based switchboard. What’s more, we show once again that with our solutions, “simpler” also means “more efficient” and “more convenient”.

This all goes without saying, of course, as it’s obviously more efficient and convenient to use a single homogenous product, which is also more powerful, than two different products. And this is definitely the case with the integration of the Clarity Contact Manager into our Communication Center 3.5.

Efficiency and convenience can be improved if the flexibility of the Contact Manager is increased, and this is something that has been achieved as it can now utilize the forwarding function of the Communication Center together with all of the associated options.

Another point that clearly highlights this improved efficiency and convenience is the fact that the new Contact Manager does not require an additional PC or separate installation, as it can work with numerous third-party speech recognition solutions and other “text-to-speech” solutions “straight out of the box”. The only requirement is that it must be installed on the same computer as the Clarity Communication Center.

The new Contact Manager does not need an additional SIP connection either, as all such requirements have already been integrated into the latest release of the Communication Center, which, in turn, also improves efficiency and convenience.

These are just a few of the details regarding the integration of the new Clarity Contact Manager into release 3.5 of the Clarity Communication Center. Our goal with the new version was to make everything easier. Why not contact us to find out exactly what this can mean in relation to the efficiency and convenience of your applications. A complete overview of the benefits provided by the new CCC/CCM version can be obtained via the contact link below.

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We’re looking for colleagues to take on the role of IT Project Manager, Telecommunications

Our workload is constantly increasing, which is why we are looking to strengthen our team at the project management level.

Our offer: A new challenge, a varied, interesting and exciting field of activity and a competent team.

In other words: Our new project managers will provide our customers with advice during new projects in the area of software-based telephone systems, and will be responsible for planning and coordination as well as the installation and implementation. These activities will be carried out at our headquarter in Bad Homburg as well as onsite at customer locations.

You should bring the following qualifications and skills with you: In-depth IT knowledge, knowledge of telephone systems, the ability to remain well-organized when working under pressure, the ability to maintain an overview when dealing with the details and, ideally, expertise in the utilization of project management methods. In addition to the above, you will need the ability to get up to speed quickly with technically innovative products, a careful and precise working manner and good written and spoken German and English skills. 

We look forward to hearing from applicants who feel comfortable working in a pleasant environment with flat hierarchies and short communication channels, and who wish to use their potential to help ensure Clarity’s success story as one of the leading manufacturers of software-based computer telephony products and intelligent voice dialog systems can be continued with in future.

Please forward your application via the contact link below.
Further information about Clarity can be found here:

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Win a “Glückskind” from Hermann Scherer

According to Hermann Scherer, “what people regret the most are the things they never tried to do”. This author, who has written more than 25 books, is a business expert, a lecturer at numerous universities, and consultant in the area of “personal development and corporate success”. His latest book is called “Glückskinder (children of fortune). Why do some people search their whole lives for chances – while others utilize them each and every day.”

In his book Scherer investigates the secret of professionally successfully people, who are often referred to as “Glückskinder” by others. During his research he came upon one particular skill: Chance intelligence. This relates to the fact that “Glückskinder” recognize and utilize the chances that life has to offer.

Scherer also talks about himself and his own experiences, about doubts and the fear of failing, but also about self confidence and finding ones own way off the beaten path. But this also involves ensuring that our luck in life is not dependent on other people or external circumstances. Scherer’s message: Luck is a way of living, which involves doing things that work out. And the best way to achieve this? Simply get started.

If you would like to win a copy of the book “Glückskinder”, then you need to start by sending an e-mail with “Glückskinder” in the subject line to Entry deadline is March 31, 2012. The judge’s decision is final. Good luck!

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