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We are living in the information age, but the question is, where is it, this information? Call centers that work with the Clarity Communication Center have it much easier. This is because all important parameters regarding call center operations can be found in the Clarity Communication Center, from there they can also be retrieved. Those who have such a clear perspective of things can make immediate changes precisely where they are needed, in order to ensure optimum efficiency and customer-friendliness in relation to call center operations.

We are also collecting information about our business. And our conclusion after reviewing the first quarter is pleasing. What’s more, according to our forecast for the coming year, we are going to need some additional support. Further information on this can be found in the first article.   
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Spring has arrived, so why not do some growing yourself, together with us!

After reviewing the first three months of this year, we can truly say that we reached the ideal “operating temperature” in a very short period of time. We started well and some projects have already been completed, with others soon to follow. This means we can tick off the first quarter of 2012 as a success. Another reason for this success was our participation at the CallCenter World in Berlin, where we enjoyed an intensive and successful trade fair with a great deal of potential.

Predictions regarding the future are, of course, somewhat difficult to make. But when you think about the fact that astrophysicists are actually unable to prove that the sun will rise in the morning, we’re not doing too badly. After taking a look at everything in our project pipeline, our forecast for the not-too-distant future is that things are looking rosy. So rosy, in fact, that we are looking for additional manpower at the IT project management level. Or womanpower, of course! These new employees will assess customer requirements, advise customers during new projects, coordinate the setup of software-based telephone systems, and assume responsibility for overall project implementation. We are still accepting applications, so if you wish to grow with us, simply find more information under the following link.

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The Clarity Communication Center as an independent Web Client

Thanks to the Clarity Communication Center, the time when a client was a program that had to be installed on a computer is finally over. The Clarity Communication Center makes everything much easier and more flexible: It acts as a Web server and makes the installation of a client on the employee’s computer superfluous. The new Clarity Web Client can be accessed via Firefox or any other browser. All employees therefore use a single system, no matter whether they work with Windows, Apple or Linux. You can access the Clarity Communication Center from any location and at any time. The employee simply logs on via a website using their password and username. What’s more, they will also be able to make calls in future without a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The Clarity Web Client is currently being tested by beta customers, who are using it to make calls. The software is due to be released in the third quarter of 2012.

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An efficient call center needs to be well planned, planning needs information, and our statistic provides this

The question is simple, yet vitally important: What does a call center need in order to be able to operate in an efficient and customer-friendly manner? The answer is simple: Information. But which information? And from where? The answer to this question is simple when using the Clarity Communication Center: Our Web statistics deliver all data that is essential in relation to efficiency and customer-friendliness. For example, it offers information on:

- Incoming telephone calls
- Calls to a hotline
- Calls of an agent
- Calls accepted by an agent
- “Lost in Alert” and “Lost in Queue” connections
- Duration, waiting time and talk time for all calls
- Answered and lost calls
- Work time and breaks of all agents
- Calls recorded by an agent
- Agents’ outgoing calls

Thanks to these and many other statistic tools within the Clarity Communication Center, call center managers are able to determine things such as the current situation, efficiency, personnel requirements and costs, trends and the status of campaigns. And these aspects represent the information that is decisive for efficient planning and the optimization of all processes.

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Ingenious creation: Elegant notebook on a stick; or vice-versa

A great idea for Easter as a gift for you or for somebody else: This product, which was designed by the Italian architect Alberto Pinetti and which is called the “Quattrogiga Leather Journal”, combines handwritten notes and digital data in a very exquisite manner. This elegant duet consists of a high-quality notebook and a USB stick within the fastening strap.

The owner therefore has an elegant, handmade notebook for their written notes, which includes 288 finely structured, unlined pages bound in velvety soft calfskin leather. But that’s not all, as this “analog notebook” includes a 4 GB USB stick in the fastening strap. Two buttons enable the stick to be removed completely from the notebook for use elsewhere, such as with your digital notebook.

The Quattrogiga therefore combines two worlds: A traditional notebook, for noting down thoughts and information simply and quickly, and a digital device, which can be used to store and process large quantities of information no matter where you are. The Quattrogiga was awarded the design prize “Design Plus 2011”. You can purchase one in the shop of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Tokio – and also via our address tip:, search term “Quattrogiga”.

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