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This autumn we will be presenting some new modules and technologies, which have been integrated into the Clarity Communication Center and the Clarity Communication Client. And as usual, many of these updates are based on the suggestions of our customers. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank you all for showing initiative and participating in the design process. After all, focusing on customer wishes is a decisive factor for ensuring the Clarity Communication Center and its flexible modules can be aligned with customer requirements and used to optimize individual business processes on a sustainable basis.

Here’s an overview of our topics:

We wish you a pleasant reading experience!

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Updates for the Communication Center and Communication Client

New updates are now available for the Clarity Communication Center and Client, and we would like to thank our customers for forwarding their suggestions and wishes. If these fit in with our product concept and are capable of implementation in a financially viable manner, we are more than happy to turn such suggestions into additional features.
These are the new features, which have been available since August:

a.) CCCCopy has been added to the Clarity Communication Center. CCCCopy creates backup copies of the Clarity Communication Center at individually configurable intervals. Unlike “normal” backups, these copies are created while the Clarity Communication Center is fully operational. The data backups are then stored on the Failover Server, which can simply take over operation with the latest data should the active server become unavailable. At the moment, CCCCopy can only be used with systems where the database and Clarity Communication Center are located on the same server.

b.) Up until now the following options were available if no agent was logged on to a specific service: replaying an announcement such as “All of our agents are currently occupied” or similar, forwarding the call to another number, forwarding the call to the mailbox or using the “Out Of Office” function. Due to a customer request, the following new option has now been added: a busy or engaged tone can be played if no agent is logged on for a specific service. This can be configured via the management console. To do this you need to open the service properties and then select the tab Special for the corresponding service. Then select "When no agent is logged in" under Forwarding. Once set to On the option "Busy" can be selected in the combo box. This feature will be particularly interesting for our call center customers.

c.) The latest release for the Clarity Communication Client introduces a new chat feature. Up until now the small icon just started blinking when a new chat message had been received; something that was easy to miss. With the new feature a very noticeable pop-up window appears, which displays some of the message, and a signal tone is played.

d.) The client now also shows missed calls if no agent was logged in. Those calls to the extension of the corresponding client user, which were received while this person was logged off, are displayed in the call list.

e.) VP8 is now used as a codec for video transmissions. This codec requires less bandwidth as, for example, the H.264 codec. With regard to bandwidth, this codec could quickly lead to bottlenecks during video transmissions, which, in turn, had a negative effect on quality.

f.) General reminders are now displayed in the Clarity Communication Client (just like private reminders).

g.) Internal and external calls are now displayed in different colors on the participant tab of the Clarity Communication Client. This will make it easier to forward customer calls in future, as you can see if the colleague “only” has an internal call. Simply use call waiting or send a chat message and then connect the call.

h.) An address plugin has now been integrated into the web client that supports LDAP.

Do you have a question about a new feature or would you like to receive an offer for an update? Do you have any other suggestions? No matter what you want, we look forward to receiving your feedback!

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In addition to codecs such as G.711, our Communication Client will soon also support Google iLBC

The classic technology for digitalizing voice signals for telephone transmissions is the codec G.711. It is used for landline telephony/ISDN and VoIP, requires minimal computing power, but needs a relatively high bit rate of 64kbit/s, which, including overhead, leads to transmission rates of between 80 and 128kbit/s. Many VoIP users are however worried that the voice quality will drop as the number of simultaneous telephone calls increases. After all, with a DSL connection with just 128kbit/s upstream, the entire bandwidth would be used up for a single call.

Our Communication Client obviously supports the G.711 codec, but it’s also currently being updated to support another powerful alternative: iLBC (Internet Low Bitrate Codec), which can be used free of charge. With just 13.33 kbit/s to 15.2 kbit/s, this codec requires a lot less bandwidth than the G.711codec. This, in turn, means multiple calls can be held at the same time over a DSL connection with just 128 kbit/s upstream, without any problems whatsoever. What’s more, the quality and comprehensibility of voice transmissions remains high with iLBC, even in the event of delayed or lost data packets. Scientific surveys have shown that users find the quality of calls with iLBC just as good or even better than with G.711.

With regard to the integration of the iLBC codec into the Clarity Communication Center, we can currently confirm the following: it will be ready before the end of the year. Our employees in development and quality assurance are performing the final tests and fixing the last few bugs.

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Mobile telephones and the Clarity Communication Center are now linked even more closely

Many users of the Clarity Communication Center are not always there where the system is installed – as is often the case, for example, with field staff or home office workers. In order to ensure these employees have full access to the all of the functions of the Clarity Communication Center, the integration of mobiles and smartphones into the system has been extended. The Communication Center is therefore now fully mobile and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Four versions are currently available to choose from:

- The Clarity Mobile Server: This enables external employees to use their mobile phones – or even their private landline phones – as if they were a part of the corporate telephone system. This means employees can always be reached while on the road or in the home office, and fully integrated into the company’s telephone system. The Mobile Server also allows mobile employees to make use of functions such as conferencing, toggling, holding and disconnecting on their devices. What’s more, telephone call costs are clearly regulated: As the telephone system automatically calls back the private mobile phone or smartphone, costs are only incurred by the telephone system and not the private mobiles. Users with flat rates for their external devices can also make use of a call-through option instead of being called back.

- Integration of SIP clients: Numerous SIP clients or mobile softphones are available free of charge for Android telephones and iPhones. There are even some low priced options for Blackberrys. After installing and configuring the smartphone, it becomes a fully functional mobile extension to the stationary telephone system via a WLAN or UMTS connection.

- Clarity Web Client: With the Clarity Web Client, which can be accessed via a mobile phone browser, smartphone users and users with Linux and Mac computers can also access the Clarity Client. Numerous functions have been consolidated here – such as presence and forwarding information, call history data, conference options, queue display and statistics.

- Clarity Mobile App: The Clarity Mobile App is currently available in the beta stage for Android phones and tablets. A version for iPhones will be available at the end of the year. The Clarity Mobile App offers a selection field, status and presence information of colleagues, conference options, call history data and a contacts directory.

All of the above-mentioned solutions can be used individually or in parallel. They are also easy to configure and use. So the motto for mobile employees is now: “No matter where I am with my mobile, I can take my Clarity Communication Center with me!”

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Book competition: “Erfolgreiches Publizieren für iPad, iPhone u. a.” (Successful publishing for iPads, iPhones and others)

One quarter of all book lovers have read an e-book, and numerous studies have forecasted that such books will take over a significant portion of the market over the next five years. And it goes without saying that the iPad has significantly influenced the success of digital content.

How can you position yourself in this trend market with your own publications? How are digital newspapers, magazines and books created, and how can they be marketed successfully? How are iPad apps produced? Where can e-books be sold? Detailed answers to these questions can be found in the book “Successful publishing for iPads, iPhones and others”.

The first part provides an understandable and seamless explanation of how an e-book can be created as a PDF, ePub (electronic publication) or Mobipocket document (format for Kindle eReaders) using Microsoft Word, Pages, Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress, and also what is needed to market it. The second part deals with the development and publication of apps for the iPad. Programming knowledge is not needed, as the classic layout programs QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign are used to provide examples.

Those who wish to lay the foundation stone for the successful publication of digital content will have a decisive and also free chance to do this by participating in our competition. Simply send an e-mail with the subject “eBook" to and you will be entered into the prize draw. Entry deadline is 30th November 2012. The judge’s decision is final. Good luck!

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