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We hope some of your wishes for the new year have already started to come true.

With regard to us, one of our resolutions was to make your work more trouble-free and efficient. And all the things that are needed to enable this should not only be at hand, but also intuitive to use. Let’s face it, you can never have too many tools in this regard! We have therefore developed some new updates for the new year in line with the motto “The good thing about it is what’s in it”, which are now ready to use with the Communication Center and Client. Further news and interesting items of information round of this first newsletter of 2013.

Here’s an overview of our topics:

We wish you a pleasant reading experience!

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Communication Center and Client: More performance thanks to new updates

The most comprehensive changes have been made to the Conference Room of the Clarity Communication Center:

-    More pins are now available for registering for conferences. Conference participants can now enter the start and end times of a conference as well as the subject in the completely new Conference Planner. The Conference Planner allocates a pin and sends the invitation by e-mail to the conference participants together with details regarding the duration, the pin and the participants.

New updates for the Web Statistics tool and Desktop Sharing:

-    Due to numerous requests from customers, the database structure of the Web Statistics tool has been changed and new filter options added. This means you can now also show “hours” in the overall statistics, and calls can be sorted based on the “called number”. What’s more, we have also created a new report: “Campaign result data”. You can also identify which key tones or DTMF tones were pressed in the overall statistics.

-    The Communication Client offers extended possibilities thanks to the new Desktop Sharing function: You open the client, call somebody and invite them to take a look at the desktop with you. You can choose whether just one participant can move the mouse pointer or whether both can access the actual desktop. In doing so, all documents can be opened and edited during a session (word, pdf, excel, etc.).

New possibilities for customized utilization of the Communication Center:

-    Thanks to a new function, the Web Management Tools (WMT), no installation or registration is required in order to configure the telephone system. All you have to do is open the browser and enter the link – you can then configure the telephone system in line with your personal requirements.

-    Customers who use a terminal server, and for which “free seating” is important as they have PCs that are used by multiple employees, will be delighted to know that the name of the personal computer where the Clarity Communication Client runs is now important and not the name of the server.

Optimized external communication:

-    Business customers now have the possibility to offer different call queues. Caller 1, for example, hears the ‘normal’ call queue music, whereas caller 2 hears different music together with the message “All lines are busy at the moment, please leave a message on the mailbox or try again later”. This ensures callers, which call companies that do not have a significant number of incoming calls or calls that require a great deal of user input, do not have to hold the line for too long without getting any information.

Other changes:

-    New key combinations such as “On a break” or “Display tab”.

You see we started fresh and alert into the new year 2013. Naturally we are already working on new upgrades.

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Simplified license system

In the past the TC system had to be restarted when extending licenses. This was often only possible at weekends for companies that work 24 hours a day. 

That is now a thing of the past as licenses can be imported and activated during normal operation now, without having to restart the system. Simply call Clarity, provide the number of licenses and our employees will activate them immediately. It couldn’t be easier!

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Geniuses need help too. And we support them.

Clarity founded the non-profit organization “Human Brain” on August 24, 2010 with the objective of helping highly gifted children and young people unfold their full potential. The vision: Create a platform for highly talented, like-minded individuals, which would allow them to communicate with one another, thereby helping to stimulate and promote their intellectual potential. Giftedness can be a problem, however. If it remains undetected, it can become a burden for the person in question: They don’t appear to be “normal” and are often ostracized. They also frequently display behavioral disorders in school because they are not challenged enough and find everything too easy. It is therefore important that such giftedness is identified and supported at home and in the school or elsewhere. Human Brain has established itself as a point of contact in order to assist in the development of future-oriented solutions for affected children and youths. The initiator and founding member of Human Brain is Christoph Pfeiffer, CEO of Clarity AG.

Here are two short case studies from Human Brain:

The 6-year old Anton (name changed) had already taught himself to read by the age of 3. While looking for an appropriate school for Anton, his parents came across Human Brain e. V. while searching the Internet. The association helped them to find an elementary school as well as an additional supportive course in the afternoon (course for highly gifted persons provided by the VHS, a type of community college). It also provided them with further qualified contacts. The foundation for an appropriate level of education for Anton has therefore been set.

The 12-year old Paul (name changed) achieved an IQ of more than 130 in all areas of the gifted individual test. In the area of “Mortgages and Analysis” his IQ was even higher than the threshold value of 160. Only around 2% of the population has an IQ in the region of 130, and only 0.1% has one that exceeds 155. Thanks to Human Brain, Paul came into contact with the Paluno Institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen, where he received individual tuition in the area of application programming over a period of two semesters. Following this he received additional support from “Appseleration”, the application think-tank of Vodafone.

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We also have three copies of the book “Denkwerkzeuge der Höchstleister” (cognitive tools for top performers) to give away.

We have three copies of the book “Denkwerkzeuge der Höchstleister” (cognitive tools for top performers) to give away.

This is the title of the book from Gerhard Wohland (physicist and management consultant) and Matthias Wiemeyer (business administrator and philosopher). The subtitle of this impressive 226-page work clearly highlights who this book is aimed at as well as the benefit it aims to provide: “Wie dynamikrobuste Unternehmen Marktdruck erzeugen.” (How dynamically robust companies generate market pressure).

In addition to the historic development of the economy, the authors also analyze dynamic markets in relation to global competition. Here they use clear case studies to identify those companies that stand out as “top performers” and which display specific characteristics in relation to the work organization and corporate culture. These top performers do not simply rely on the usual business economics knowledge and entrenched management methods. Instead, they develop new and creative patterns of thinking, managing and behaving, which enable them to perform better than their competitors over the long term in the highly dynamic and complex markets of our post-industrial working world.

“Cognitive tools” provides the reader with understandable, amusing and refreshing ‘food for thought’ in an informative and demanding manner, which will help them on their way to becoming a top performer in the future.

We have three copies of the recently published and revised 3rd edition, which is now in color. Simply send an e-mail with “Denkanstöße” in the subject line to Entry deadline is February 28, 2013. The judge’s decision is final. Good luck!

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