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We are pleased to be able to inform you that we have improved our system once again and also extended our portfolio. In line with the motto "The best thing about it is what’s inside", we are offering updates that will facilitate your work and help to create new jobs. What’s more, we can’t forget the NSA phone jacking scandal, which the press has been dealing with intensively over the past few months.

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Updates for the Communication Center and Client

We are always working to improve and develop our system. We appreciate feedback from our customers and are grateful for new ideas. That way the following upgrades were realised:

Statistics module

After talking to and receiving feedback from our customers, we have adjusted and revised the statistics module of the Clarity Communication Center. This means statistics can now be viewed at a glance by individual hotlines, agents or employees. All of the data is broken down for supervisors based on the individual phases of the call and displayed graphically. The performance of an agent or hotline can therefore be reviewed more easily and quickly and fine-tuning can be completed during live operation.

Market research

The integration of the survey software “keyingress“ into the Clarity Communication Center has also been realized, which means additional benefits have now been added, in particular for market research companies. “keyingress“ can be used to carry out customer surveys, online panels and sample management automatically. This includes, for example, dealer and supplier surveys, satisfaction analyzes, after sales surveys, website tests, brand awareness, product and concept tests, innovation surveys, ad-effectiveness analyses, employee surveys, 360-degree feedback and management surveys.

Inclusion of visually impaired

On behalf of one of our customers, we have developed a special version of the Clarity Communication Client that can be used in full by persons with impaired eyesight, thereby helping to create new jobs. As Clarity has already shown a significant amount of social commitment in the past (including support for Human Brain e.V., Doctors without Borders and the Förderverein Kinderhospiz Düsseldorf e. V.), we were more than happy to make this contribution towards improving access for persons with such a disability. Existing functions, such as the phone book, caller identification, call forwarding, SMS, conferencing and Outlook integration, can now be used by people with impaired eyesight.

This means that companies, local authorities, public facilities and even call centers can create jobs for such persons, thereby helping to increase equality and integrate these people into a “normal“ working life. This can also be of assistance in relation to older employees and later retirement, as the provision of acoustic support for older participants can help to alleviate problems caused by age-related illnesses (such as hypermetropia or farsightedness and cataract), thus enabling older persons to remain in employment.

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Cloud computing – handy, but disadvantageous

As a result of the NSA phone tapping affair, which recently came to light, and the associated uncertainty regarding data security, many companies are now asking themselves the question: “just how safe is my data in the cloud?“

This issue has also affected the telephony area, as many companies were endeavoring to migrate their phone systems to a cloud solution. It is therefore worthwhile to take a look at the facts:

Onsite solutions, such as those offered by Clarity AG, are safer and cheaper than cloud-based solutions and also include more functions. Cloud service providers are attempting to convince customers that Cloud PBX’s are cheaper and better. But neither is true: an onsite solution offers the advantage that no broadband connection (which can cost many hundreds of euros a month) with “Quality of Service” is needed to a data center. Onsite solutions are also individually configurable and contain more functions (something that is already widely accepted), and security is another area in which most onsite solutions are the clear winners.

Systems located in the public cloud are exposed to non-controllable risks, such as DDOS attacks; it is also possible that attempted intrusions can remain undiscovered for a long period of time. Many customers do however want systems that require a minimal amount of in-house management, but this requirement can also be realized simply with onsite solutions thanks to the so-called “managed services” approach, which involves outsourcing the entire system maintenance to a supplier. What’s more, the hardware basis of many modern onsite solutions, such as the Clarity Communication Center, can be virtualized – in a private cloud as such – using VMware, HyperV or Xen technologies, which has a very positive effect on the purchasing and operating costs.

In short, those with a sufficient amount of knowledge will be unable to identify any real benefits, if a solution is required for more than a few months. Onsite solutions are generally always the better option when used over the long term, which explains why so many users are abandoning such cloud solutions in favor of a professional system from Clarity. The “Funkschau“, one of the leading specialist magazines in Germany, highlighted the benefits of onsite solutions in its latest edition 20/2013.

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Siemens leaving the telephony segment

Following the spin off of the former telephone segment of Siemens in 2006 and the sale of a majority holding to a US investor in 2008, the name of the company has now also been changed. Since 1st November 2013, the new company called “Unify“, which belongs to a group of investors, is no longer allowed to use the name Siemens. After the sale, Siemens, as usual, only provided permission to use the name for a limited period of time. The company is now however permitted to use the caption “Formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications“ – but only for the next two and a half years. Furthermore, Siemens also wants to get rid of its minority holding over the medium to long term. The former Siemens telephone segment had to dismiss around 700 employees in Germany in the middle of the year.All that needs to be done now is to ensure business can be carried on as smoothly as possible and with as little loss as possible - no easy task in light of the current competitive situation.
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Book competition: “Erfolgreiches Publizieren für iPad, iPhone u. a.” (Successful publishing for iPads, iPhones and others)

One quarter of all book lovers have read an e-book, and numerous studies have forecast that such books will take over a significant portion of the market over the next five years. And it goes without saying that the iPad has significantly influenced the success of digital content.

How can you position yourself in this trend market with your own publications? How are digital newspapers, magazines and books created, and how can they be marketed successfully? How are iPad apps produced? Where can e-books be sold? Detailed answers to these questions can be found in the book “Successful publishing for iPads, iPhones and others”.

The first part provides an understandable and seamless explanation of how an e-book can be created as a PDF, ePub (electronic publication) or Mobipocket document (format for Kindle eReaders) using Microsoft Word, Pages, Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress, and also what is needed to market it. The second part deals with the development and publication of apps for the iPad. Programming knowledge is not needed, as the classic layout programs QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign are used to provide examples.

Those who wish to lay the foundation stone for the successful publication of digital content will have a decisive and also free chance to do this by participating in our competition. Simply send an e-mail with the subject “eBook" to and you will be entered into the prize draw. Entry deadline is 31st December 2013. The judge’s decision is final. Good luck!

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