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This month’s newsletter will as usual provide some brief information on what improvements and updates have been implemented over the last quarter on the development side.  Many of them – to coin a frequently used phrase from the automobile area – have taken place “under the hood”, but some modifications will be clearly visible to the users.

For example, on the PBX side:

  • Exports of intermediate results have been improved
  • The ability to switch from campaign mode to predictive mode has been optimized
  • Thanks to better telephone number checks, the blocking of outgoing calls to specific numbers has been improved
  • The ability to create campaigns or contact addresses has been integrated. This will allow, amongst other things, campaign data to be imported from external systems for the purpose of performing analyses
  • The integration of end devices has been extended. The system displays the name of the caller using LDAP directly on the display of the DECT device, which can be provided via a company-wide database
  • The integration of Web services has been improved, in order to simplify the connection of third-party systems (for example, CRM and ERP systems)
For Web statistics, the Web Client and the Communication Client:
  • The ability to use multiple instances of SQL databases at the same time has been expanded
  • The installer for MS SQL Server 2014 has also been implemented as well as a Web Client installer
  • The layout of Web statistics has been optimized
  • A new plug-in enables standardized actions to be carried out when calls are received. For example, the number of every caller can be forwarded automatically to a Web CRM system or some other application. What’s more, DTMF input can be transferred to tools which verify the authenticity of the caller

Should you have any questions on these updates, please feel free to contact us via the link below or by phone on +49 6172 1388-50.

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New security hardware

As you already know, it’s really easy for hackers and secret services to access telephone data and the content of telephones. The main problem here is that calls are transmitted in unencrypted form. As dispensing with electronic transmission methods is no longer an option nowadays, other measures are needed. Below you’ll find a few interesting details on this topic. Another topic, which you may also find inspirational, is the electronic concierge, which is linked directly to the display of your phone.

snom 760 secusmart edition

In order to enable tap-proof telephone calls, the telephone provider snom has developed the “snom 760 secusmart” edition in cooperation with the company Secusmart, the manufacturer of the highly secure “Merkel Phone”. The device, which was presented for the first time at CeBIT 2014 in Hanover, is now available on the market. The snom 760 is equipped with a smart card slot, via which emails, SMS and voice transmissions can be encrypted.

Encryption takes place using an NXP SmartMX P5CT072 crypto-controller together with a PKI coprocessor the size of a normal SD storage card. Voice and data signals can be encrypted with 128 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with the help of an additional coprocessor. What’s more, up to 8 Gbytes of data can be stored and protected on the SD card.

Electronic concierge

The desire of many companies to convey a modern image, combined with the ongoing structural changes in relation to personnel, mean that many companies have replaced the once very popular concierges. Many entrance halls and lobbies are now empty or merely equipped with a bell or telephone.

Guests are therefore often only greeted personally somewhat later on or via the above-mentioned telephone. This of course makes it difficult to identify or verify visitors. Surveillance cameras are generally only suitable to a limited extent, as the images can often only be analyzed via a central area.

In cooperation with the company Baudisch, Clarity has now developed a solution that enables door communication systems to transmit audio and video signals directly to telephones with displays. The visitor in the lobby or driveway can then select the desired contact person or department, following which a video call is made to the person in question. This person then accepts the call and can identify the visitor on their telephone display, welcome them and also provide access to the property or building by pushing a button on the telephone.

If you are interested in integrating this device into your network or a new telephony infrastructure, please contact us on +49 6172 1388-50 or send an email to

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Further job cuts at Unify

As we reported in an earlier newsletter, Unify, the former telephone segment of Siemens, already had to dismiss 700 former employees at the beginning of the year.

The next step in the required reduction of personnel is now taking place. Another 3800 of the around 7700 employees worldwide are to lose their jobs.

The job cuts will affect around one half of the employees in central Europe, and in Germany numerous locations are to be merged. Dean Douglas, CEO of Unify, talked about “necessary steps”. Only time will tell how these massive job cuts will influence activity in the market. At the moment, Clarity is having to deal with Avaya far more often in relation to customer situations, whereas Unify is increasingly less visible on the scene. One thing is certain, however, Clarity AG is continuing to grow and increase its workforce.

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Book giveaway: IT Project Management

A clear majority of all IT projects still exceed their cost budgets or timeframes, or are cancelled early on. Those who wish to ensure their IT projects are concluded successfully need to possess a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge.

This includes knowledge of how projects are planned, requested and started as well as the ability to build and manage teams together with skills covering complex management activities like risk management, stakeholder management, quality management, project marketing and much more. In this manual, 17 authors from industry, consulting companies and universities have summarized their wealth of experience. They highlight the methods, instruments and management techniques that are required to ensure successful project work.

No matter whether you are dealing with classic software development projects, infrastructure projects, role-out projects for IT systems or strategic project forms (such as architecture planning), this manual will help you develop the skills needed for all important areas and processes in IT project management in a targeted manner. Numerous real-world tips and examples put you in a position to start, manage and control your IT projects successfully.

The book is published by Hanser Verlag and can be purchased via their Website for 49.99€.

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