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Clarity Contact Manager

The Virtual Switchboard

The Clarity Contact Manager is an intra-corporate, virtual switchboard, which is run by the most natural medium of the world, the spoken language. Two „personas“ are available as virtual „telephone lady“.

Callers simply name the desired contact person or a department, for example the sales department. After that, they are connected directly by the Clarity Contact Manager via the latest speech recognition technology.

The Clarity Contact Manager can be connected to nearly all established telephone systems that support ECT (Explicit Call Transfer). However, it can also be connected directly to the outside line as a stand-alone application or be integrated into the Clarity Call Center Edition.

The Advantages of the Clarity Contact Managers

For your customers

  • Minimal holding times
  • Reliable connection with the desired contact person
  • Possibility of an around-the-clock contact by phone

For your employees

  • Flexible, situation-  and time-dependent management of the availability.
  • All parameters like responsibilities, attendance times and times of absence, mobile phone numbers and substitution plans are filed in the system ensuring that it always connects callers correctly.
  • Any employee can comfortably configure individual settings himself via a web interface.

For your company

  • Better telephone service due to customer- and demand-oriented call management
  • Around-the-clock telephone communication
  • Reduced workload of the switchboard
  • Balancing of work peaks of the employees in customer service, hotline, helpdesk etc.
  • Economy of personnel and equipment at the switchboard
  • Company-wide more efficient and cost-saving telephone communication
  • Turnkey package including server or ASP model
  • Open, standardized and upgradeable architecture

Whitepaper with application examples, return-on-investment calculations and technical details can be ordered free of charge.

Case study of Clarity Contact Manager: Case study Hertz