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Clarity Dialer Edition

Intelligent Workflow Management in the Call Center

By the Clarity Dialer Edition we offer an efficient system which also sets up, carries out and analyses outbound campaigns as an optional extension of the Clarity Call Center Edition.

Call centers benefit from the Clarity Dialer Edition by the automation of routine tasks, by an optimum capacity utilization of the agents and by saving costs for personnel, telecommunication and others for all telephone campaigns.

The Advantages of the Clarity Dialer Edition:

  • Automatic dialing and call distribution to the agents when the called person answers the call.
  • The Clarity Dialer Edition identifies connected answer machines (or fax machines) automatically and will call, according to the presetting, the phone number again at a later time without an agent having to look after it.
  • Intuitively usable user surface for agents and administrators respectively. An assistant is guiding you when you set up a new campaign or edit an already existing one; you can import contact data from data bases and from CSV-/Excel data files.
  • Apart from ISDN and analogue telephony, the Clarity Dialer Edition also supports the Voice-over-IP protocol SIP, by which you can carry out worldwide campaigns cost efficiently and multimedia-based.
  • Concerning long-distance calls, the system takes time zones into consideration and also manages exclusion lists.
  • The solution provides revealing statistics and information for the analysis of the campaigns – including data concerning the efficiency of the agents, results of the calls and the development of the address supply.
  • Functions for active or passive training make it possible to train agents, to react to inquiries or to guide the call unnoticed by the conversation partner.
  • Quick job training by a high user friendliness of the solution.


Case study of outbound telephony solution: Case study exciting communication GmbH