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Voice Authentication/Voice Identification

More security when using ATMs


  • The cardholder inserts the EC card into the ATM. The telephone number, which is used during the identification process, is stored on the card’s magnetic strip or chip. Once communication has been established between the ATM and the respective data center, a data command is sent to the Clarity Communication Center.
  • If the data on the card and in the database match, the Clarity Communication Center contacts the cardholder using the telephone number stored in the system. The cardholder answers the call and is asked a question by the Clarity Communication Center. The Clarity Communication Center then compares the answer provided with the biometric voice data in the database.
  • Once this test has been completed successfully, the Clarity Communication Center sends a command to the data center of the ATM provider, and the ATM receives the command to pay out the money.

Benefits of multi-level security

  • Most people who draw cash from ATMs own a mobile phone, the device that is needed for performing identification.
  • The mobile phone number must match the one stored in the database.
  • Very secure identification process: a person’s voice offers more biometric characteristics than an iris scan or fingerprint
  • No technical updates or changes are needed on the ATMs.