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“Service Improvement” Scenario

Time is money: which is why customers are justifiably angry when their calls are placed on hold.  Or, even worse: when neither the desired contact person nor the switchboard answers the call.

With a software-based telephone system from Clarity, you can be one hundred percent certain that your customers will always receive the best possible service. A Clarity system can be configured to match your requirements and demands perfectly. Incoming calls can be automatically forwarded to the correct employee – for example, calls from very important customers can be put through directly to your most competent specialists.   

Your virtual switchboard always does its job perfectly. This is because it is always there, knows every customer and is always friendly. The virtual switchboard is also very easy to operate and never forgets anything. The caller simply states their name, the system then puts the call through to you directly, wherever you currently are.  In the car, on your mobile phone or at home.

You get a lot more with Clarity. Just give us a call!