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Clarity Communication Center:

Unified Communications Platform – Intelligence from the construction kit

The idea behind our Unified Communications solution, the Clarity Communication Center, is as simple as it is impressive: it is a single platform, which can be equipped with different modules. No matter how you intend to utilize Unified Communications to improve the design of business processes and, therefore, your communications strategy: you will receive exactly those Unified Communications features which you require. This means you are provided with a cost-optimized Unified Communications solution, which can be flexibly adapted to match the changing requirements in your company.

This cost-optimization also has an effect on the “investment protection-oriented” design of your Clarity Communication Center: all components of the Unified Communications solution – software/hardware – are based on standards and, therefore, future proof. The items which you purchase today, will still be useable in the future.  Furthermore, you also have the option of receiving the newest Unified Communications updates on a regular basis, therefore ensuring full performance and capacity adjustments are always possible.  And thanks to the user-oriented design of the Unified Communications front-end, your employees will be capable of using the system intuitively, after only a short amount of initial training.

Unified Communications Functions

Here are just a few of the many Unified Communications functions, which are possible with the Clarity Communication Center:

FeatureYour benefits
E-Mail, fax, chat, telephony and SMS functions, including the integration of mobile telephony Enable a convenient exchange of information across all platforms, which is made even more effective through the use of Unified Communications.
Computer telephony integration (MS-Outlook integration, easy-to-use telephony software, voice mail)Enable the simple administration and control of functions, far in excess of standard telephony, therefore increasing the competence of your employees considerably.
ConferencingProvides you with the possibility to hold your business meetings anywhere and without any assistance from the secretariat.  No matter whether you are holding a meeting with colleagues or international partners – Clarity-Conferencing is a secure solution within the scope of Unified Communications.
Voice recognition and synthesisEnables you to turn your Unified Communications solution from Clarity into a speech-dialog platform, which can automatically welcome and pre-qualify inbound calls as well as provide additional information. This service provides a huge amount of optimization potential for your Unified Communications.
Multi-location integration, follow-me function, home-office and mobile server functions Enable you to stay on the ball during the ongoing globalization of business by linking multiple company locations, by providing your employees with a greater level of flexibility and by improving the image of your company through the use of Unified Communications.
Call Center IntegrationSupports the exploitation of new fields of application, enables you to set up an inbound and outbound call center simply, allows you to organize hotlines and service and support and also provides you with a tool for performing marketing research based on your Unified Communications platform.

Get to know all of the functions and Unified Communication possibilities of the Clarity Communication Center. We would be happy to show you what is possible for your company – especially with regard to Unified Communications. Why not get in touch with us now, we would be happy to advise you!