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The Clarity Communication Center

Efficient communication across all channels

Everyone knows how to make telephone calls or send mails, SMS’s and faxes nowadays. Anytime, any place. However, companies need the right tools in order to be able to utilize the raw material, information, efficiently and intelligently. Clarity has the tool you need  – The Clarity Communication Center, through the use of Unified Communications, provides your company with the requisite equipment for creating an environment that can be used for supporting and processing all internal and external information.

The Clarity Communication Center is an extremely powerful and comprehensive platform for the most demanding Unified Communications applications: the purpose of  “Unified Messaging”, the technology which was previously used, was simply to unify different message formats. The Clarity Communication Center with Unified Communications, in contrast, provides you with the possibility to completely redesign your business processes. Unified Communications not only allows you to speed up work processes, it enables you to fully utilize your employees while providing an optimal allocation of work; all communications services are seamlessly merged with Unified Communications.

The advantages of Unified Communications are obvious:

  • You minimize both your telecommunications and general communications costs,
  • business processes are speeded up,
  • the availability of contact persons is improved,
  • the level of service provided by your company is increased and
  • you are able to offer your customers completely new services.