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Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) means the collaboration of telephony system and working place application of the agent. It generates, for example, that customer information is popping up on the screen of the agent the moment the customer calls, or that all telephony functions can be controlled through the agent’s computer.

A major advantage of the Clarity Communication Center is its ability to control the telephony system via Computer Telephony Integration. The user only has to install a plug-in of about 900 kilobyte that adds a small bar to the - for example - Outlook user interface. With this bar, each telephony function like "connect", "pick up", "brokering", "conferencing", "redirect" or "voice box" can be handled. Furthermore, thanks Computer Telephony Integration existing contacts can be called via the mail client.

For incoming calls, with Computer Telephony Integration all caller details are shown on the screen (if the caller number is known). A journal function enables the user to make notes that are stored together with the contact data. Thus he has an overview over the entire customer history and can avoid unnecessary inquiries. The Computer Telephony Integration Module also provides fax handling.

Due to standard interfaces further backend or CRM systems can be implemented.