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Dual-tone multifrequency touch tone

With DTMF (Dual-tone multifrequency touch tone) each telephone key pad is set-up with two overlapping frequencies which can be carried over the telephone lines; this unique combination of frequencies for every key makes it possible to identify the key that was stroked.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR (Interactive Voice Response, also known as single word recognition) is the rudimentary form of speech interaction. IVR and DTMF are optional features of the Clarity Communication Center-Suite and can be used in parallel.

The Clarity IVR-Module can handle:

  • Single digits
  • Yes and no with a total of 10 synonyms (okay, sure, yup, never etc.)
  • 10 commands

IVR and DTMF are first choice if it comes to easy, inexpensive and performant speech extensions. Both processes can be used for easy pre-qualification of callers. The telephone can also be extended into a self-service portal. An example of an application would be the automatic call distribution, order-taking, contests/games via telephone etc.