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Mobile Server

Constant accessibility, mobility and service are competitive advantages that no company should do without. Shouldn’t your company take advantage of them as well? Especially when all it takes technically is installation of the Clarity Mobile Server: it lets your employees use their mobile phones – or even their private lines – as if they were part of your company telephone system. They can always be reached, whether traveling or at their home office, and are fully integrated into the telephone system at work. Mobile Server gives your employees the ability to conference, answer multiple lines, put callers on hold and terminate calls from their own phones. One more important point, of course, is easy attribution of telephone costs for you. The company calls are relayed directly through the company’s system, so there is no need for the usual itemized call list. This generates enormous savings on administrative costs over the long term. And it naturally makes a more professional impression on your customers if the number displayed, even from the private phones, is always the one for your company. Mobile Server can do all this and more for you as well. We would be glad to tell you about it!

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