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Predictive Dialer

The Clarity Predictive Dialer (CPD) is an efficient tool that starts, performs and evaluates outbound campaigns. It is used as an add-on module to the Clarity Communication Center. This combination is also referred to as Clarity Dialer Edition.

Campaigns and assignments

Campaigns and assignments are administered via a data bank. Campaigns specify the project conditions - such parameters as how and when outbound calls should be performed. Therefore time, waiting period, estimated call duration and number of re-dialings can be set.

Algorithm and parameters

While processing the assignments , the Predictive Dialer calculates on basis of average call duration when the next agent will be available and offers him the next call at the exact moment.  

All parameters are saved in a statistics database thus enabling detailed efficiency control. Operating is done by a mouse-click via a graphic user interface.

Learn more about this product: Clarity Dialer Edition.

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