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Clarity PBX

Clarity PBX is the central entity, where the individual communication channel wires meet. These include Voice-over-IP-Interface (VoIP), the fax server, the Unified Messaging Service, the mailbox and the voice box. The UMS module delivers fax and voice messages to your mailbox making it easier for you, your co-workers, and colleagues to maintain an overview of the various communication channels.

The system can be used as an extension to an existing telephony system as well as a replacement.


Using Clarity PBX as a telephony system the following functions (among others) are available: muting, call rejection, conference calls, three-way calling, speed-dial, brokering, caller list, call diversion, repeat dialing, overnight call diverting, door opener, door loudspeaker, managerial and  secretarial functions.

The integrated Least Cost Router (LCR) selects the most economic Call-by-Call  provider at the time and for distance calls in a transparent way for the caller. Should the selected provider not be available, the next provider in line is automatically dialed. Providers can also be manually selected.

Clarity PBX is an integrated standard component of the following Clarity products: