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The SIP Server

The heart of an IP telephone system

The SIP server is the core component of an IP telephone system. It enables SIP endpoints to exchange call-related messages (call initiation, call status changes, call status tracking, etc.) and register user locations.

Typical SIP endpoints include both soft and hardware-based SIP telephones. Thanks to the SIP telephone that has been integrated into the Clarity Business Client, the investment costs and installation outlay associated with the purchase of new end devices can be drastically reduced. What’s more, it also allows Clarity to support an increasingly important trend – Green IT.

The Clarity SIP Server: the core functions

The Clarity SIP Server allows network operators to install routing and security applications, which provide functions for authenticating users and monitoring their locations. Applications based on the SIP server can take on many different forms. However, the SIP standard defines three distinct functions for a SIP server: the proxy server, redirect server and register server. The SIP Server that has been integrated into the Clarity Communication Center supports all three versions. It also uses tried-and-tested solutions and selected extensions in order to provide an extensive range of business and call center-specific functions. And that’s not all, as the Clarity SIP Server can also be used as an events server, thereby enabling features such as the “busy lamp function” or “message waiting indication” to be implemented.

In order to ensure customers can benefit to the greatest possible degree from SIP technology, the Clarity SIP Server utilizes complex algorithms, which support a wide range of server topologies, security protocols and numerous SIP extensions.