Clarity-AG: Inteligence Voice Portal Technology


Clarity Speech Center –

the basis for improving dialog

Strong features

  • The centerpiece of the Clarity Speech Center is the Voice Browser. Based on the standard script language, VoiceXML, it is responsible for controlling the dialog with the caller.
  • The integration of speech recognition systems (automatic speech recognition), which are capable of “understanding“ complex, naturally spoken comments, is simple.
  • All common speech synthesis systems (text-to-speech), which convert written text, such as a share price, into spoken language, can also be used.
  • Thanks to VoiceXML, the announcement can be interrupted at any time (the so-called “barge-in“). A caller can “cut in”  in order to get straight to the point, for example, naming the person they wish to speak to.
  • An integrated monitoring tool enables running system processes  to be monitored.
  • Different parameters such as time and call duration, the individual caller requests or number of successfully processed inquiries as well as dialog interruptions can be analysed with the help of a statistics tool.
  • The Clarity Speech Center distinguishes itself through a high level of compatibility with all common speech applications: a change of platform is therefore possible at any time, for example, when you replace your “old” speech dialog platform with a new solution containing more functions or want to port a hosted solution to an in-house solution.
  • The Clarity Speech Center is obviously also compatible with all components of the Clarity Communication Center.
  • We not only provide support during the actual implementation of your Clarity Speech Center, you can also rely on the many years of experience of our employees during the development of your speech portal, especially when designing the voice-user interface.