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Speech Dialog System


Like a Website, a speech dialog system enables its customers' access to digital services. Not only via a computer, but also via any telephone. Speechdialog systems thereby connect the simple handling and the widespread availability of the telephone with the self-service mentality of the internet.

That means that with voice dialog systems you are able to reach a much larger target group than with websites because there are still significantly more telephones than computers with internet access. In addition, the access medium is the spoken word, the user doesn't need to acquire specific skills in order to use a speech application.

The commonalities with the web continue on a technical level. Just like in the net, voice portals have common standards as well as the separation of applications and infrastructure.

Clarity Speech Center –

the flexible speech dialog platform

Reduce costs and increase service levels in your company: the Clarity Speech Center is a speech dialog platform which offers complete flexibility, both with regards to your choice of language application as well as the integration of in and output systems. No matter whether information is entered via the telephone keypad or voice input – the Clarity Speech Center supports all modern dialog technologies. In combination with a speech recognition system, the Clarity Speech Center is also capable of processing requests received in natural language and, of course, responding to these using natural language.

The basis for new, efficient telephone applications

The Clarity Speech Center therefore provides a versatile foundation for your telephone applications. From virtual exchanges and call relaying to interactive speech portals with a comprehensive range of self-service functions and virtually unlimited application possibilities:  retrieving data, making bookings and placing orders, carrying out banking transactions or conveying information such as electricity and gas meter readings.

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