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Speech synthesis

With a voice portal you can adapt the acoustic customer interface of your enterprise accurately to its Corporate Identity. There are two methods to reach this goal: Text-to-speech synthesis (TTS) and pre-recorded audio files. TTS has nothing in common with robot voices of past times.  Modern TTS engines can deal with stress and sentence melody, so that they sound approximately as natural as a human voice. 

These  TTS engines can be tied up to the Clarity Speech Platform:

  • Realspeak
  • Speechify
  • Elan
  • Rhetorical
  • SVox
  • Loquendo

Together they offer approximately 20 different languages and language variants with more than 50 different voices.

If the utterances of the system can be limited to a certain set of sentences, pre-recorded audio files ("prompts") are the method of choice.  Clarity co-operates with professional speakers, in order to adapt the acoustic impression of a voice portal exactly to your requirements.


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